It all started in May 2014, when the first attempts to form a vocal group were made. As a group of ten high school  boys, we wanted to try leading an a capella group on our own. At the time, we were all still active members of the Pueri gaudentes male choir, and we wanted to have the newly formed group (led by Marek Rajnoch, who took it under his wing) as a side project, to rehearse and present songs that didn’t fit into our main choir, for example. The ball got rolling and the vocal group quickly became independent.

2015 - 2017

In the first two years of our existence, we managed to sing in Prague hotels, perform as supporting acts at various concerts (including a performance with a popular Greek-Czech singer duo Martha and Tena Elefteriadu), organize five of our own evening concerts, and perform at four editions of the Noc kostelů (Night of Churches) festival. We also managed to participate twice in several choral festivals (Slavíci v zahradě in Prague, Speed Festival in Prague, Festival komorních sborů in Choltice), and win the gold category at the Jirkovský Písňovar competition right away, and the silver category a year later. In the meantime, Marek Rajnoch was replaced as the group’s leader by Adam Dvořáček. Our repertoire at the time included just about everything: from Gregorian chant to Renaissance music to 20th century pop.

2017 - 2020

In 2017, we took a break, as most of us were graduating from high school or had other commitments. From the spring of 2019, we agreed on some performances in various lineups, but the next boom came at the Night of Churches in 2020, when the old core was joined by new members. At that time (already mostly university students and working people), we said to ourselves, "Let's get tenmen going again!" - and we did. We dusted off our old tunes, looked for new arrangements, and basically rose from the ashes.

2020 - present

The artistic direction of the group was now in the hands of two people, Marek and Adam. Despite the COVID troubles of the time, we managed to get back on our feet, build on our previous successes, organize a small tour of Prague towers, participate in the Choral Festival in Hradec Králové, and defend our gold award at the Jirkovský Písňovar in 2021. Also worth mentioning is the organization of the evening concerts "Two Faces of 10men" (classical and modern, where new t-shirts were presented), the silver award won from the Musica Orbis Gloria competition, the LAMEN project with the female quintet Lamas from Rokycany in the fall of 2022, and from the present another gold award from the Jirkovský Písňovar in October 2023. The artistic director is again Marek Rajnoch.